“I don’t know where the wind blows or where it will take me”

So I used to be a writer. Well, I have always been a writer. When I was in high school, I wrote and wrote and wrote. Hormones and passion flowed through me and I felt like I couldn’t stop. I wrote poetry, stories, monologues, scenes, etc. I filled journals and journals with my ramblings. I wrote essays and papers…. It felt like I would never have enough to say.

Then graduation comes; from High School first, then College and University. Once I had a child and worked full time the writing slowed down. Unless I was writing for work, I wasn’t writing. I hadn’t even written a letter and even Holiday cards were going out late or not at all.

I was also an actor, who was no longer acting. And I realized that there was something missing from my life… I picked up my crochet hook and started crocheting…. a lot, must have been channeling all that pent up creativity. Then I began to get involved with Theater, and just being around other creative minds, became so inspirational…. and the fire inside me was rekindled.

So now, here I am… I’ve been wanting to start a  blog forever. Possibly because I am a procrastinator and I have a million and one projects going already… OF COURSE I need one more!! But seriously, my idea is that this space will help me clear my head and share all of my passions with the world. And it forces me to write. The more I write, the more motivated I become to keep writing.

I hope you enjoy reading about the creative chaos that is my life.

When I was young, I always used to say “I don’t know where the wind blows, or where it will take me.” I still don’t know the answer to that, but I know I plan to enjoy the journey.



4 thoughts on ““I don’t know where the wind blows or where it will take me”

      1. Krystal, when we’re blessed with a gift we sometimes forget we have one. Taking the challenge to self-motivate yourself is you realizing how special your gift truly is. Write babygirl, write.


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