Make Me Feel Important

nature-free-nature-sunshine-high-resolution-hd-widescreen-wallpaper-natures-sunshine-free-shipping-coupon-code-natures-sunshine-free-shipping-coupon-natures-sunshine-free-membership-breathe-free-naturI recently read something that stood out to me. The idea that everyone wants to feel important. Everyone wants to matter. I have always had issues dealing with the idea that not everyone will like me. Despite how kind you are, how funny, how caring or giving. Someone out there, wont like you, no matter what you do. And frankly, thats okay. Im working on that. I dont like everyone I meet. And we dont have to be friends. There are plenty of people in the world who love me, that I love right back!

I taught a class this week on compassion towards onself. This is a hard concept to grasp for many of us. Being kind to yourself. And then we went through a list of compassionate acts towards others. It was inspriring. The idea that even such the smallest gesture can make someones day, because everyone wants to feel cared for, everyone wants to feel important. Sharing a smile, saying “Please” and “Thank You.” You dont know what someone is going through and such a small kindess can turn it around. Pay kindness forward.

Life is about that, relationship building. But you have to put that out into the world, you have to be a good friend to get that returned to you. I believe in the power of positive thinking. That energy is contagious, so why not spread Joy? The world would be a better place if we focused on that.

So I implore you, make me feel important today. Make someone feel like they matter. I gaurantee that will even make you feel better. You also deserve to feel important.



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